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On Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 7:31 PM, Miles Bader <> wrote:
> Sure, so the point is that while endless bikeshedding about the license
> is bad, _some_ thought about licensing is good.

let's hope that all this dies soon; but i'll add my 2cents to the noise:

>> So not to spawn this discussion again, has anybody any strong
>> objections against the cookbook being in CC-BY 3.0? This allows most
>> easy use of the book for everything for every purpose.
> While nobody's suggesting making this cookbook use the GPL, I think GPL
> _incompatibility_ is unacceptable.

what about:

- code is in MIT (it's most used license in the Lua community)

- articles (and whole book) is in CC-BY.

easy enough? (no new licenses)

complete enough? nobody wants to see the book copied without
attribution, but nobody wan't to add 10-20 different credits to a
program that uses well-known idioms.