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Coda Highland <> wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 29, 2017 at 7:14 AM, Paige DePol <> wrote:
>> Now, the MIT license states the following:
>> The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be
>> included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.
>> Where should the original copyright be displayed? Perhaps in the output
>> from the "-v" command line switch?
>> I ask so when I create my renaming tool I can be sure to include the
>> copyright and permission notice for compliance with the licensing terms.
>> Normally for software with a GUI I would just add the information to the
>> About box or in a seperate Acknowlergements dialog... I have no idea where
>> is appropriate for the copyright and notice for a CLI program.
> It should be noted that it says "included", not "displayed".
> Distributing an acknowledgements file packaged with the software
> complies with the license, as does including it in the documentation.
> The GPL's requirement is quite a bit more strict.

Ah, yes that is an important distinction, thank you for pointing it out!

I will leave the original copyright in the Lua header files where it
currently is, as well as appending the new information. I will then also
advise the user of the patch that they should include the MIT licence
information, with the Lua copyright, somewhere in their documentation, or
if they have a GUI perhaps in their acknowledgements section should they
have one. Or, at the very least, in a README file of some sort.

So, just to be clear... currently in the "lua.h" header file the license
is at the end of the file with the PUC-Rio copyright followed by the body
of the MIT license. Would it be appropriate to simply add an additional
copyright line below the PUC-Rio copyright?

For example, if I were to alter the license for Lunia:

Copyright (C) 1994-2017, PUC-Rio.
Copyright (C) 2017 FizzyPop Studios.

Thanks again for your feedback, Coda, it is appreciated! :)