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On 2017-11-28 09:43 AM, Paige DePol wrote:
Soni They/Them L. <> wrote:

On 2017-11-28 03:06 AM, Sean Conner wrote:
   After two years of no one biting on this, I think the onus is on you to
provide this instead of asking other people to do the work.

   -spc (Think of all the accolades you'll get from the game developers ... )


I can't make it part of the standard libraries. So I have to ask for it.
I am confused, why can't you make it part of the standard library?

Download the Lua source and hack away, then add your new functionality
to the game-oriented Lua fork you are working on!

But that isn't Lua. That isn't the Lua standard libraries, as defined by the reference manual.

That's just a Lua fork.

The great thing about Lua, and other open source software, is that you
have the ability to modify the code to do whatever your heart desires!

Good luck with your project! :)


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