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Russell Haley <> wrote:

> Sorry for the top post.
> No offense Paige, but I will lean towards a standardized term, used by a
> university professor on a university project website over a rather airey
> social media definition of a term that grew from a git slang. I have many
> forks on my github site. I do not have any software derivatives though.

You might want to read the rest of the posts that have occurred since
the one you quoted in your reply! ;)

The term "fork" has been around a lot longer than Git by the way, and in a
later post Luiz stated that he meant "incompatible derivative" specifically
when he used the term "fork", which is not really the standard meaning.

If you have forked repositories on GitHub, and then made modifications to
that forked code, is that not then a derivative of the original code?

Finally, university professors are human and can make mistakes, they are
not infallible by any means.