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On 23/03/2014 19.17, Tim Hill wrote:
My personal break-up point is at about 500 lines (including about 30-40% of comments and whitespace).
Not a hard rule, but I like strict encapsulation with as few inter-module connections as possible.

I don’t worry so much about the line count more where the “natural”
boundaries of a functional module live. I’ve had modules that have
quite a few thousand lines but present a nice compact clean
interface, and others that are only a few dozen lines.

Ah, yes, I don't use a line counter :-)
I meant that when I see a file becoming too large it is usually a good indicator that I could gain in clarity and robustness by restructuring or grouping functions by type into modules or sub-modules.

This of course applies to my way of working and it is not a fixed rule.