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> Right now we have a proposal, with code, which works, which is blessed
> by the Lua developers. So I suggest that we stick with that.
> Particularly since the *developers* are the ones making the decisions
> here, and not us.
> Plus, I suspect that right now they're entirely sick of everyone
> bickering over GOTO label syntax when they'd much rather get feedback on
> the rest of the stuff in the beta...

Thanks :)

This time, however, we would like feedback about the syntax for labels,
because of the small incompatibility of the '@' with filenames.  (Note
that "local name" and anything similar that mixes gotos with variables
is not a *syntax* for labels and is completely out of our plans.)

Some real contenders:

1) keep all as it is
2) change the indication of filenames in debug info and in LUA_INIT
3) ::label::
4) |name|
5) &name:
6) !name:

we are also considering to enforce a single occurence of a label name in
each function, to avoid ambiguities. (That does not change the visbility
rules; it is only an extra restriction.)

Of course we need feedback on the rest of the stuff, too!

-- Roberto