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Quoth Roberto Ierusalimschy <>, on 2011-06-15 14:29:44 -0300:
> Thanks :)
> This time, however, we would like feedback about the syntax for labels,
> because of the small incompatibility of the '@' with filenames.  (Note
> that "local name" and anything similar that mixes gotos with variables
> is not a *syntax* for labels and is completely out of our plans.)

As a small data point, I've previously used @ as an extendo character
for various local syntactic extensions that get preprocessed into
plain-Lua source underneath.  (I dealt with the source name ambiguity
in another way that I don't immediately recall.)  This isn't anything
particularly active or visible right now, but it would be an extra
change if I decided to port to Lua 5.2 and @ were now a label prefix.

I vote for some sort of double-colon marker.

   ---> Drake Wilson