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On 15.06.2011 16:22, David Kastrup wrote:
Frank Meier-Dörnberg<>  writes:

On 13.06.2011 22:27, Alexandre Erwin Ittner wrote:
A "label" keyword would be great too, but it will break so much code.

Yesterday Xavier Wang brought to mind an alternative.
I'm missing a reaction to that:

"maybe using a local variable scope for goto destination is better
than define a (whatever) label statement."

In my words: Use "local mark" instead of "label mark" or "@mark:"
I must admit that I have not thought about whether that is
semantically clever.
What are thepros and cons?
How would that work with jumping forward?

local mark
goto mark
local mark

I must admit that....  :-)
OK, maybe I've missed the whole discussion.
a) Is this problem avoided by "label mark"?
   (=>  Is repeating a label in the same scope considered as an error?)
b) Is the following rule a bad idea?: "goto mark" jumps to the first definition reachable in scope.
   (=>  Do not use backward definitions, if you want to jump forward)