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On 15.06.2011 18:02, Eduardo Ochs wrote:
What about this syntax?
   local :mark:
   goto mark

An educational question. :-)
1. Idea: "@mark:" (use of special chars, labels differ from normal code)
2. Idea: "label mark" (avoid use of special chars, use special keyword, labels differ from normal code not much) 3. Idea: "local mark" (avoid any specials beside semantic novelties, labels do not differ from normal code in any aspect) 4. Idea: "local :mark:" (use of special chars, labels differ from normal code, Oh! Thats we are starting from...)

Personally IMHO:
1. Idea is a little to special for my eyes (but may change with time).
2. Idea looks "normal" to my eyes. Good or not: Not very prominent (beside some clever syntax highlighting) 3. Idea may be to somewhat tricky but open for some other jump-like things (earlier mentioned by others):
    "break mark" to jump beyond the scope of variable "mark"
"continue mark" to jump to the beginning of the scope of variable "mark"

As Lua-Style somewhere is described as: "Concept before Convention" (I unfortunately do not remember the exact wording).
So: What will best meet this target?