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>The loadmodule functionality is provided by lua.exe not by the dll.

>I use two libraries, one for the core and one for the libraries, because
>that's what it's done in other systems.

Yes, I see, I'm now using your naming and linking strategy, and Yes! my
executeable can load your binary luapacklib.dll alright!

>> One concern for me is the fact that each split in another dll
>> will increase overall size. (apparently thats a problem I'm seeing
>> because I use VC, my compiled Release version of luapacklib.dll is 48kb,
>> where your's is 7kb!!!)

>Are you sure that you are dynamic linking packlib against the lua dll? I
>tested that under VC and I got a file of about 9kb.

I seem to be using the (wrong) default compiler/linker settings (as are
preset by the dll-project)
I already downed my dll to 300kb by usinf the /MD (multithread dll) option
instead of the staticaly linked default...
I'm sure there are a lot more settings I could set to get even leaner
Could you maybe send me your .dsp file so I can compare ?

(I just found this page: with pointers
to a special AggressiveOptimize.h header file that turns on all those
optimations, it downed the size of the luapacklib.dll to 5kb)

I have been busily compiling a range of modules I currently use to work with
loadmodule. When I get my build process streamlined maybe we should 'swap
dlls' a little to see if everything is compatible...

Well, this is coming along real nice I think. As soon as we can put together
a nice little list with all or most of the commonly used Lua extensions, I
do think this should have some greater use for a lot of people...