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Martin Spernau wrote: 
> Main goal was to write a 'tutorial' like minimal extension that is
> completely seft-sufficent, only requiring one C source file.

Hey! I was doing exactly the same thing, but using the luapack library. The
only addition to turn it into a lua module are just 6 lines of code.

Some comments about the code:

1. I think you can remove the "extern int tolua_SDL_open(lua_State *L);" :-)
2. On win32 you can also export the functions by adding them to a .def file,
instead of using __declspec(dllexport). I think it'll look much cleaner.

In fact, if you have an existing lua extension, turning it into a lua
'module' is something as simple as adding the following:

int lua_import(lua_State* L) {
  return your_module_init_function(L);

const char* lua_version(void) {
  return LUA_VERSION;

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