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On Nov 22, 2002 at 02:58 -0500, Peter Loveday wrote:
> > Currently, I'm static linking my modules against lua. I think that you can
> > have an exe that exports symbols, but I may be wrong... The most obvious
> > solution is to build the lua libraries as a dll and link the modules and
> the
> > binaries against it.
> Nope, Windows cannot export symbols from an exe.  Some flavours of Unix can,
> but not Windows.
> Certainly I would prefer the dll approach; we need to define the naming of
> the DLL, so all modules link against the same thing. It is not really
> important what it is (lua.dll is probably fine), as long as it is well
> defined.

Yes, good point.  My first thought is "lua40.dll"; otherwise we'll
have intolerable confusion between versions.  Also, it looks like
Debian uses "", which would be the Unix-y equivalent of
"lua40.dll".  Debian usually does things thoughtfully.

Thatcher Ulrich