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> Lol, looks like a secret society with a secret project. Is there a problem
> on announcing the luaforge google group on this list? For instance, I
> already took the liberty of creating a project myself
> here which lists some incredibly close
> goals to what I just read on that google group :)

I'm incredibly offended by your accusations that this is in any way a
secret project with a secret society.  I suppose that my 12.5 hours of
travel coupled with the fact that we were having the discussion less
than 4 hours before I got on the plan, or any of the other myriad of
reasons for approaching this the way I have mean nothing, however.

Hey, you missed out the Lol in front :) where did u come up with this word anyway ... "accusations" :)

As for everything else, I have opinions but I'm not sure anyone really
cares about them.

sure we care, just let them out in the open.