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On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 11:13 PM, Cosmin Apreutesei
<> wrote:
>> I really would like to help making this an open process, is there some
>> issue queue or similar way to report feedback? can we announce the
>> community: the next thing after luaforge is: XXXX "help wanted", "feedback
>> welcome", "yes we  can" ?
> I second that. There needs to be at least a mailing list and a wiki for this
> project -- this mailing list and one page on l-users wiki is not enough.
> For Jim - I get it u're assuming leadership on this thing -- if so, kudos --
> what do you mean contact you directly? Just make a new project on google
> code or somewhere else and include us all who say we want to contribute in
> it. Most of us already have google accounts anyway. Collaborating on a p2p
> basis is not a good idea IMHO, while setting up a project on a hosting site
> takes a few minutes. I guess that was Fernando's concern about "making this
> an open project".

I am not suggesting we coordinate on a peer to peer basis.  I said,
very plainly, to contact me if you are interested.  There is of course
a mailing list, but I have absolutely no interest in simply moving
this thread to the new mailing list.

The project will be open source, it will exist on github.  But we are
in the planning stages, and this is how things are going to be run at
this point.  Too many cooks in the kitchen will be a death sentence
for the project, and I'm not willing to let that happen.

I understand your concerns, and I don't think anyone here is asking
for something unreasonable.  But I'm also very aware that this is not
the first time these concerns have been raised, and these types of
discussions have happened in the past.

What didn't happen in the past was any action.  That's something (at
least with luaforge/snippets) I'm hoping to change.

- Jim