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I really would like to help making this an open process, is there some issue queue or similar way to report feedback? can we announce the community: the next thing after luaforge is: XXXX "help wanted", "feedback welcome", "yes we  can" ?

I second that. There needs to be at least a mailing list and a wiki for this project -- this mailing list and one page on l-users wiki is not enough.

For Jim - I get it u're assuming leadership on this thing -- if so, kudos -- what do you mean contact you directly? Just make a new project on google code or somewhere else and include us all who say we want to contribute in it. Most of us already have google accounts anyway. Collaborating on a p2p basis is not a good idea IMHO, while setting up a project on a hosting site takes a few minutes. I guess that was Fernando's concern about "making this an open project".