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Paul Moore wrote:
2009/1/31 Eero Pajarre <>:
I don't follow you. WinZip isn't the standard Windows unpacker.
Now, if that's also the standard behavior of Windows when treating Zip files
as folders (something I always deactivate...), then OK, I said nothing.
The .zip file format contains binary/text information bit, so I actually hoped
that this would just work. After some testing, I am losing that hope...
So in order to make this "just work" for Windows users the zip file
would need to be done using files which have windows style line-endings.

Please don't. It's unfortunate that the default text file "editor" on
Windows (notepad) cannot handle LF-only line endings, but the vast
majority of text editors on Windows *can*, and having different
formats of distribution solely to cater for notepad, is (in my view) a
huge overreaction.

Exactly :-). There seem to be a lack of multi-platform knowledge. That anything different is somehow wrong and must be adjusted. There are thousands upon thousands of FLOSS software that use LF, good luck converting all of that. Nay, it is the developers who need to open their eyes a bit wider and take in the world beyond Win32. Even a moderate amount of cross-platform knowledge will go a long way. Even if you don't care about the Linux market, there is still the Mac OS X market.