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Eero Pajarre wrote:
I think the issue here is the tool which is used for opening
the package file. I use Winzip and I think it does the line end
conversion magic for me.

Mmm, I hope there is an option for this, I would hate that a unpacker alters the files when decompressing them without telling me! I know that most FTP clients do that too, but at least I can tell them to transfer the files in binary mode.

Maybe the lua source code package should also be distributed in
suitable .zip format. It might be safer bet regarding the new Windows
users ability to unpack it correctly.

I don't follow you. WinZip isn't the standard Windows unpacker.
Now, if that's also the standard behavior of Windows when treating Zip files as folders (something I always deactivate...), then OK, I said nothing.

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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