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Well, I tried explicitly defining the headers with extern "C" like you said, and there's no difference :(

Compiling Lua hasn't been kind to me. When I first opened the installation notes, they came out incorrectly formatted, and after I found a correctly formatted version of them, they didn't turn out to be much help.
I'm not even sure what I'm trying to compile. My guess is that I've got to compile Lua as a library so I can integrate it with my framework, but I don't know how to compile library files.

That said, I have tried compiling Lua on two seperate occasions. The first time, I created a new solution, stuck the relevant code in it (everything but luac.c and print.c), and hit the compile button. Visual studio then told me that I was missing main.cpp (hence why I think I'm supposed to be compiling a library), so I abandoned that idea in favour of the precompiled stuff. The second time, I tried to directly inject it into my code. To my frustration, it wouldn't acknowledge any of the .h files, despite them being part of the actual program.

But I digress, and I think you're right Sam. The precompiled stuff obviously isn't working, so I should probably go with a clean build... If someone is able to provide me with some moderately detailed instructions, that is.