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2009/1/31 Eero Pajarre <>:
>> I don't follow you. WinZip isn't the standard Windows unpacker.
>> Now, if that's also the standard behavior of Windows when treating Zip files
>> as folders (something I always deactivate...), then OK, I said nothing.
> The .zip file format contains binary/text information bit, so I actually hoped
> that this would just work. After some testing, I am losing that hope...
> So in order to make this "just work" for Windows users the zip file
> would need to be done using files which have windows style line-endings.

Please don't. It's unfortunate that the default text file "editor" on
Windows (notepad) cannot handle LF-only line endings, but the vast
majority of text editors on Windows *can*, and having different
formats of distribution solely to cater for notepad, is (in my view) a
huge overreaction.