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It might be way too early in the morning for me to grasp what you're talking about, but what could possibly be the point of that? It sounds like nothing more than masking coroutines to "appear" to be preemptive, but without any benefits...??

The current coroutines in lua are (imo) a very clean solution, and since this thread started as a request for clarification between C side "thread" and lua side "coroutine", I suspect what you're suggesting would coin the term "preemptive coroutines", which would be even more
messy, even on a purely language semantic level..

But, it might be too early, please correct me if it is and I'll go back to bed.

Rob Kendrick wrote:
Asko Kauppi wrote:
Does someone have a reason why VM based real multithreading would have better performance?

For a start, it doesn't require any context switching - it doesn't need
to involve the kernel at all.  Of course, it also means you'll only be
able to take advantage of one CPU.