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To take this thread ;) in a helthier direction...

Can you please list such tasks, where built-in pre-emptive parallelism would have been useful. My curiosity is as the author of Lanes, wanting to know what couldn't be achieved by the current, extension module based approach. "Certain tasks" was too vague.


Rob Kendrick kirjoitti 13.8.2007 kello 21:27:

Stefan Sandberg wrote:

"Real" preemptive threading is something that should be incorporated
deeper in the lua core though, as well as someone giving Mike Pall a
64bit cpu!,  since both of those are utterly vital in the very near

Certainly there have been occasions where I'd have liked Lua to have
some form of internal pre-emptive multitasking on the op-code level.
Obviously, this wouldn't be able to pre-empt threads if they were
currently in C code, but it would still be useful for certain tasks.

Perhaps even some evil scheme for allowing multi-tasking between
multiple Lua states with such a scheme could be even more useful?