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> The embedded world tends to use 'task' to mean something in between a
> traditional process and a traditional thread.
> When writing another piece of software using coroutines (which eventually had
> to be emulated using pthreads... sigh), I dubbed them 'threadlets'.

Ah, the Joy of Lex.  Some other possibilities:  filament; rivulet,
rivage.  Rut?  It's always impressive to resort to Greek, Latin, or
some other archaic language.  The etymological dictionary says
"thread" comes from "thraedus", from base "thrae-", twist.  I rather
like "thraed" (pronounced "thrayd"?).  Like a thread, but not.  The
nice thing about it is that anybody who complains - as somebody surely
would - that it's mere 1337 play can be clobbered with a citation of
the etymology!