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Diego Nehab wrote:
I just tried it in a Windows XP box and it didn't crash. It simply
reported the name lookup failure. Of course, we are using different
versions of the toolkit...

Printf is my favourite debugging tool as well so I can't offer better
advice. Do you want an executable with the newest version of the code to
see if the problem still happens?

I'm statically linking, but if you mean that you have an .exe
which should demonstrate the problem, then I can try it on my
win98 box and see if the problem is something specific to my
code (or, as you say, something which is fixed by your post-beta2
LuaSocket version).

> If it doesn't, I will be very curious
to figure out why it is so. If it does happen, I will have even more
reason to be curious. :) But at least we will know if it is a problem of
the relationship between LuaSocket and Windows98, if it is a problem of
LuaSocket on any Win32, or if it is a problem of a specific version of

I'm still waiting to hear from my testers about whether the exact
same binary I'm testing also crashes on winXP and win2000.  That
should make it immediately obvious whether this is a win98-specific
problem.  I expect to hear fairly conclusively within a day or