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I'm in the midst of wiring in Lua 5.1 work2 and I'm trying to stick closer
to it's exception support rather than using a direct copy of my changes to
work with Objective-C/Cocoa exceptions in Lua 5.0.

The following issues come up:

1. It would be helpful if L_TRY and L_THROW took the Lua state as a
parameter. I could just hardcode L in the macro definitions, but that feels
needlessly messy.

2. Reading seterrorobj, it looks to me like it leaves a random object on the
top of the stack in the event of errors it doesn't understand such as

3. The panic case documentation indicates that the "Lua" is invalid. Is it
the entire universe that is invalid or just this thread within the universe?
Can I simply arrange for the thread to be garbage collected?

4. It would also be nice in the panic case to have access to the error code,
but I can probably just assume LUA_ERRRUN and be correct most of the time.