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Diego Nehab wrote:
On win32 (windows98fe), this idles for a while and then crashes
somewhere in user32.dll before it can reach the second ZLOG().

I will try to reproduce this on Windows XP. If it doesn't happen and I
can't figure out what's wrong by code inspection, I might have to
try to convince you to isolate this bug

Yeah, I've spent all day trying to isolate it.  The space
is getting narrower, but now the crash seems to happen
'somewhere near the gap between C and lua' and I'm getting
really stuck...

One suspicious thing is that I don't think win32 uses
h_error -- the programmer is supposed to use
WSAGetLastError() instead.  But, having 'fixed' this,
the crash persists.

>(where did you find a Win98 machine???)... :)

It shares space with the circa-1998 linux distribution
I'm mailing from. :)