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El 17/11/2004, a las 0:10, David Given escribió:

Daniel Quintela wrote:
Remember that the zip file format supports multiple compression method in a member by member basis. You can compress some members with the "old" method and others with bz2.

[...] Also, bz2 compression in ZIP files is rather new and not particularly well supported. Standard ZIP files haven't changed much from good old PKZIP 2.04g (and it's scary the way that version number rolls off the keyboard).

What about LZO compression? It has a good compression ratio, comparable to gzip, and it has fast decompression times using quite small buffers. There is miniLZO available, too: it's weights only 12 kB (compiled for MacOS X) and has full decompression support plus minimal support for compression (only one compression method supported, all decompression methods available).

The library is GPL.


Tiny Lua miniLZO module:


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