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On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 06:48:05PM -0300, Andre Costa wrote:
> Well, I'd be more than happy. It seems you're TheMan when it comes to
> Debian-related Lua stuff, so I will be pointing to your packages, and if
> Jay has any contribution to your Debian packages, he could discuss them
> with you or post patches to the right channels as you suggested. How does
> that sound to you?

That's the ideal as far as I am concerned. It will start to get interesting
as we move to Lua 5.0 as I intend to ensure Debian has a dynaloader like
interface so that people can extend Lua in Debian in a way which will make
it able to rival Python and Perl for people who prefer Lua for writing
minature scripts in. I'm a Perl man, but my partner far prefers Lua :)

> Just give me the final URL =)

Well, the Debian package page is:
But that might not be as useful as you want -- let me know if you'd prefer
something more.

> PS: Jay, if you're reading this and has something to say, please speak up!

Aye, or report bugs against the lua40 packages on if you
want to do it that way :)



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