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Hi Daniel,

On Thu, 13 Jun 2002 21:40:12 +0100
Daniel Silverstone <> wrote:

> Since mine are the ones in Debian itself, I think that mine ought to be
> the ones mentioned; However I do not have an official site where I put
> mine(other than so I'm not sure what you want to do in
> that respect.

There's no need for an _official_ repository (i.e. one endorsed by
Debian). It just has to have a reasonable uptime ;)

I'm not sure I fully understand when you say "mine are the ones in Debian
itself". It seems they're the official Debian packages from what you say
below, but I could be wrong. Could you elaborate? (sorry if this is a
silly question, but my Debian knowledge is zero, so I really count on you
guys giving me some directions)

> Ultimately I'm not sure what to say -- the Debian packages in the OS
> itself are of course the "canonical" ones, but if Jay is doing more
> interesting things with his packages then point at his, and ask him to
> mention that his are not the official packages.

That makes sense. I have cc'ed Jay on my post, so let's wait a little for
him to speak up. If that does not happen, I will point to your packages.

> I am, of course, open to patches and enhancement requests if submitted
> to against the lua40 packages.
> Hope this helps a bit :)

It sure did. We're almost there ;)