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On Thu, 13 Jun 2002 22:29:35 +0100
Daniel Silverstone <> wrote:

> That's just the thing -- Because I am a Debian developer, my packages
> are implicitly the ones endorsed by Debian, and they are distributed by
> all the Debian mirrors

That's all the info I needed ;) 

> Debian is a Linux distribution which is built by the people for the
> people. Essentially a group of people are trusted to look after and
> package software for Debian. We upload it to the Debian servers and it
> is distributed around the world. Periodically, when we are ready, we
> release a 'Stable' revision of the whole operating system.

Thks for the explanation. I was not aware of how things happen on Debian
world. Very interesting.

> I'd rather point at to be honest :)

Well, I'd be more than happy. It seems you're TheMan when it comes to
Debian-related Lua stuff, so I will be pointing to your packages, and if
Jay has any contribution to your Debian packages, he could discuss them
with you or post patches to the right channels as you suggested. How does
that sound to you?

Just give me the final URL =)



PS: Jay, if you're reading this and has something to say, please speak up!