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On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 06:15:15PM -0300, Andre Costa wrote:
> There's no need for an _official_ repository (i.e. one endorsed by
> Debian). It just has to have a reasonable uptime ;)

That's just the thing -- Because I am a Debian developer, my packages are
implicitly the ones endorsed by Debian, and they are distributed by all the
Debian mirrors

> I'm not sure I fully understand when you say "mine are the ones in Debian
> itself". It seems they're the official Debian packages from what you say
> below, but I could be wrong. Could you elaborate? (sorry if this is a
> silly question, but my Debian knowledge is zero, so I really count on you
> guys giving me some directions)

Debian is a Linux distribution which is built by the people for the people.
Essentially a group of people are trusted to look after and package software
for Debian. We upload it to the Debian servers and it is distributed around
the world. Periodically, when we are ready, we release a 'Stable' revision
of the whole operating system.

> That makes sense. I have cc'ed Jay on my post, so let's wait a little for
> him to speak up. If that does not happen, I will point to your packages.

I'd rather point at to be honest :)

> > Hope this helps a bit :)
> It sure did. We're almost there ;)



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