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On 10/07/2018 23:56, Gregg Reynolds wrote:

On Tue, Jul 10, 2018, 4:44 PM Gregg Reynolds <> wrote:

 (e.g. numbers in ltr scripts).

Correction: numbers in rtl scripts. Unicode says that numbers in e.g. Arabic are ltr. This is complete BS, but it is also a fact on the ground that cannot be fixed. Extra credit: estimate the cost of this very fundamental mistake.

I'm not sure it's a mistake, it may be a well-though design compromise.

In arabic, the numbers are written in the same orientation as we do in european languages, because of a double inversion: from right to left, they first write the unit, then the 10s, then the 100s... the end result being that in both writing systems, the units go to the right and the heavier digits go to the left.

See for examples. (It's the arabic counterpart to with plenty of numbers in a non-mathematical context.)