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I appears the problem is that you are using fancy quotation marks like “ and ” instead of straight quotation marks like ". (147 is the character code for the curved opening quotation mark.) Lua only accepts the straight quotation marks.

This most common reason this happens is if you type your code into a word processor like Microsoft Word. You should instead use a programming text editor like Notepad of Notepad++.

On Jul 12, 2018 8:23 AM, papr <> wrote:
Hello "Team Lua",
i have proper  installed "Lua 5.4.0" under Win7 64 bit,
The Lua - Terminal started with follow Head Message  "Lua 5.4.0 Copyrigth (c) 1994-2018 PUC-Rio"
When i will start my "test.lua", with content:         io.write(“Hello World!”)     over the Win7 Console,  there is no issue,
come the error message "L:\Lua\bin\lua.exe: L:\test.lua:1: unexpected symbol near `</147>` (see attachment ).
I´m a "Lua - Newbie", can you help me???
I would be very happy, could you sacrifice a few minutes of your precious time for my request.
Best regards from germany
Paul Preuß