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On 2018-07-10 05:31 PM, Gregg Reynolds wrote:

On Tue, Jul 10, 2018, 9:00 AM Dirk Laurie < <>> wrote:

    2018-07-10 15:30 GMT+02:00 Lorenzo Donati
    < <>>:

    > Unicode is great for typesetting (I use regularly LaTeX and it's
    fun to find
    > almost every symbol you may imagine, even ancient German runic
    > but it sucks (IMHO) for general programming or computer-related
    stuff. Too
    > much mind overhead to use correctly for little gain.

    Yes, yes, but — if you will allow me to return to Lua and UTF-8 —
    there would
    be more gain for a programmer if we had (if it is not too late already
    for Lua 5.4)
    utf8 versions of find, sub, match, gsub, gmatch, reverse. Just
    those, not asking
    for upper/lower, operating only on simple codepoints, no combining
    no need for a C library.

Utf8 != Unicode. It's an encoding; you don't get to pick a subset and still claim Unicode support.

"Simple codepoints"? Does Unicode define that? If not, who decides what that means? Zero-width space is pretty simple.

No combining chars? Ok, but that would not be Unicode. Practical result: massive confusion and complaining. You cannot accept Unicode and reject combining chars.

    utf8.find ("Hélène",'n')  --> 5 5
    utf8.sub ("Hélène",5)   --> 'ne'
    utf8.gsub ("Hélène","[éè]","e")  --> 'Helene' 2
    utf8.reverse ("Hélène")   --> 'enèléH'