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Probably you are correct about the term "character".
   Although there are the combining characters, that you must parse 1 base character followed by one or more sequence of combining characters to modify and form a single and distinct digital typographic character.

In the Unicode definition, good unicode-aware string comparers/searches, like the one in the SQL Databases, should handle as equal the two cases:
  - "Á" character (single code point: \u00C1)
  - "Á" character in decomposed form (combination of 2 code points: \u0041 + \u0301)

The second one....  "" is a single character that is the result of 2 other characters (a base character and a combining character) and have length of unicode code points equals to 2.

Many programmers associates a Typographic Character to the programing data type "char" or "wchar_t", but that is not entirely true with unicode, because:
* With wchar/UTF-16, there are the surrogates pairs.
* There are combining characters
* There are well known and defined code point sequences

On Wed, Jul 11, 2018 at 4:25 AM Axel Kittenberger <> wrote:
So, the concept of glyph in unicode exists without the font. Maybe the term should be something like logic glyph, or well known glyphs sequences... 
What you are refererring to is called "character" in typesetting (the lookup index in the font table) and has nothing to with "Java char". "Glyph" as concept makes only sense when typesetting with a font. 

Please familiarize yourself more with the horrible depths of typesetting before trying to invent new terminology.

When editors tread modifying characters together with the character that is being modified as one "character" to be edited, is a feature of said editor. 

Typesetting is really a complicated thing I also only dabble in (a little while ago I wrote the truetype font hinting engine for opentype.js where I encountered a good part of it) and honestly - I repeat - people suggesting it to be included in this or that way more often than not underestimate the size of the can of worms they want to open or are just happy with their local hack that ignores by much of the issues that certainly be encountered by other people.

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