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> 2017-11-24 14:35 GMT+01:00 Etiene Dalcol <>:
>> I'd like to point that Soni uses they/them pronouns.
> im feeling really bad about myself :( i didnt want others to talk
> about him, but i wanted to ask him to give a better insight at his own
> will if he wants so... done it with good intent, as im a weird person
> myself as well and i can see (if i see well?) that he is/was kinda
> alien for others' minds. [snip a lot of text]

Two suggestions, in the future if someone mentions the pronouns someone
prefers it would be in your best interests, especially when essentially
trying to apologise to that person, to use those pronouns!

Also, in the future, if you want to have personal discussions with a
specific member of the mailing list, perhaps send them a private message
instead of addressing the entire list?

As for the subject at hand... Soni always gets me thinking when they post
to the list. I may not always agree, or sometimes even understand the
point, however, they do make me think about things, and I like that!

Also, I found your last post quite difficult to read. Perhaps breaking
your thoughts up into more cohesive pieces and into smaller paragraphs
may help... it just came across as a stream of consciousness dump and
as such it was not exactly easy to follow your thoughts.