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Dirk Laurie:

my original intention is not provocative, nor offensive. below i wrote
a next clarification where ive started my paragraph with "ive thought
about that option". (ive responsed for that 1st, as i wasnt sure about
the meaning of your msg) please tell me how you interpreted my
messages if that not makes my point clean, thx! :)

2017-11-24 21:37 GMT+01:00 Paige DePol <>:
> wrote:
>> 2017-11-24 14:35 GMT+01:00 Etiene Dalcol <>:
>>> I'd like to point that Soni uses they/them pronouns.
>> im feeling really bad about myself :( i didnt want others to talk
>> about him, but i wanted to ask him to give a better insight at his own
>> will if he wants so... done it with good intent, as im a weird person
>> myself as well and i can see (if i see well?) that he is/was kinda
>> alien for others' minds. [snip a lot of text]
> Two suggestions, in the future if someone mentions the pronouns someone
> prefers it would be in your best interests, especially when essentially
> trying to apologise to that person, to use those pronouns!

fine, this fact only now became stable in my mind, Etiene Dalcol said
"a specific person", that fed my confusion... i didnt know the meaning
of pronoun, there are some english words i dont know and often looking
up only the more important ones, my mistake, sorry!

> Also, in the future, if you want to have personal discussions with a
> specific member of the mailing list, perhaps send them a private message
> instead of addressing the entire list?

ive thought about that option, but i decided to write publicly as
others may be interested as well and they (Soni) could say no or say
they are willing to do so in private. however i wasnt about to get
opinions on them, but ask their aim, i think thats not rude, and i
didnt want to mess the original topic, so opened a new one. this was
the main point, the beginning was just a quick and dirty explanation
of how it came... i think it already happened in the past of the
mailing list (not even once) that someone asked anyone else's aim. as
i think i became deeply misunderstood i had to explain in depths how
all this came up, and how ive thought my thoughts, cuz the poor
wording of that part got the focus and was the fund of

> As for the subject at hand... Soni always gets me thinking when they post
> to the list. I may not always agree, or sometimes even understand the
> point, however, they do make me think about things, and I like that!

almost as what i could say

> Also, I found your last post quite difficult to read. Perhaps breaking
> your thoughts up into more cohesive pieces and into smaller paragraphs
> may help... it just came across as a stream of consciousness dump and
> as such it was not exactly easy to follow your thoughts.

i know that well about myself, it became long, so ive let it as it
was, cuz refining makes my messages always much more long and im
repeating myself very often when im doing so, not mentioning much
extra time thats needed... know the right punctuation in english is
one of my greatest weaknesses, and i have just as much complex
thoughts as my sentences. there are much glue like "and, or, therefor,
but" etc that makes more sense im using extensively for a lotsa
subsentences that are wired together in a big graph in my head :D
however generally im using much more slang way much less punctuations
and those "glue words" for showing the relations. - so this writing is
already above my general level, but im refining my texts more than
this only when anyone is confused or writing for official purposes. at
least i think im not reatarded but lazy with long and complex thoughts
all around in my mind that i can contrast mostly only with the best
intention, but mostly no more knowledge, that makes everything more
complex and harder to follow... i know very well that im not an easy
case, i werent ever, i was always strange inside-outside so i was on
the periphery in my early childhood. ive learned so much to be
valuable, that made me complicated. ive made myself good as possible
to contrast weirdness. i dunno whats next, i often say that only a
lobotomy can help me :D hopefully there are much ppl around who can
follow my thoughts and deeply appreciate what i can bring up from my
huge diversified inner chaos that seems to be well organized from my
own perspective :D

however sorry for the mess ive made! i really didnt want to hurt any
good feelings and whatever.. :/

and please wait for Soni, they will already have to fight through
themselves all the current mess, and only that will give sense for
anything here, thx! :)