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> >>   -spc (Have you tried programming in Lisp? [1])
> [...]
> work, racket lang got the 2nd place :)
> i can see some kinda inquisition against Soni, [...]
> [...]
> written for keeping the inner peace of the lua community :)

The Lua list (aka the "lua community") is a reasonable peaceful place
(quite peaceful when compared to several similar communities), and we
try (actively, when necessary) to ensure that. In particular, I did
not see any inquisition against Soni. He has been an active member of
the list for many years, and most members know him. He speaks openly
about his thoughts, so people assume (correctly, I guess) that they can
reply openly to him. I did not see anything disrespectul against him in
this list. Maybe I am wrong, but otherwise, let us avoid too much "list

-- Roberto