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2017-11-22 18:29 GMT+01:00 Roberto Ierusalimschy <>:
>> >>   -spc (Have you tried programming in Lisp? [1])
>> [...]
>> work, racket lang got the 2nd place :)
>> i can see some kinda inquisition against Soni, [...]
>> [...]
>> written for keeping the inner peace of the lua community :)
> The Lua list (aka the "lua community") is a reasonable peaceful place
> (quite peaceful when compared to several similar communities), and we
> try (actively, when necessary) to ensure that. In particular, I did
> not see any inquisition against Soni. He has been an active member of
> the list for many years, and most members know him. He speaks openly
> about his thoughts, so people assume (correctly, I guess) that they can
> reply openly to him. I did not see anything disrespectul against him in
> this list. Maybe I am wrong, but otherwise, let us avoid too much "list
> introspection"...
> -- Roberto

sorry, i just dindt find the right word, but i can see some kinda
opposition always when he comes up with his ideas. therefore ive
thought dig a bit deeper will make the things smoother... its not even
against his person, i can see this well, but its about his creations
and ideas. i think mostly cuz he comes up a lotsa times with ideas
that should be integrated into lua, and thats a sensitive point, cuz
the aim of least complexity.

thats all and really nothing serious. i dont see flames all around,
its only about even more oil on the cogwheels. id also like to
understand him deeper and i think that would be beneficial for
everyone, even if nothing serious would come without ever coming up
with these kinda things...

however sorry if you see this only as noise! my opinion is that we are
humans with background that cant be left out totally, and if this
makes better understanding, that will make less noise around hot
dividing topics, as ppl will already be able to see cleaner. i cant
tell where this goes, that depends, my intention wasnt even to monitor
him, he can come up whit whatever he wants with, i had nothing in mind
like this would be too impolite, as he is kinda opened and can say he
dont wanna be in spotlight, but sorry if i became impolite!

about making noise myself i could write for him directly, but im
mostly just reading, so that wouldnt be beneficial.

and for sure i can see and appreciate the peacefulness here, what is
really the (hard)core of the community imho :)