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2017-11-24 14:35 GMT+01:00 Etiene Dalcol <>:
> I'd like to point that Soni uses they/them pronouns.
> Concerning the topic of the email, I believe you have the best
> of intentions, but I don't think creating a topic in here to discuss
> about a specific person is very nice. Given that, I have heard
> comments off-list about this topic that were extremely rude to
> Soni. I don't see any problem in their suggestions, even the
> ones I don't agree or don't understand. A suggestion is still
> just a suggestion.

im feeling really bad about myself :( i didnt want others to talk
about him, but i wanted to ask him to give a better insight at his own
will if he wants so... done it with good intent, as im a weird person
myself as well and i can see (if i see well?) that he is/was kinda
alien for others' minds. if ive seen that well, then he had to fight
for his respect when he appeared for the same. im really not against
him, ive really thought this could support him, just read back my 1st
msg, i think theres nothing that hurts. didnt point on him with
negative dirt to wash off from himself, it wasnt a judgement, it was
interest and asked as kindly and polite as i just could do to give us
a big picture about his work. i think those are always interesting but
probably misunderstood or felt like pointless... and i know my mistake
is mostly just to put the spotlight on him, but feeling it rude gives
me a weak feeling (can be wrong) that others have the alien view and
bad thoughts about him even if only in the weakest form, and therefor
they thinking ive done rude stuff like the picture of somethin like
put him into the middle of a circus with a fool's cap on his head.....
not. this is far from my aim and my picture, i know well that he is
juggling with chainsaws without mistakes (only for the sake of the
previous image). i think he is smart and my real image is interview
with a great mind on the cathedral. my soul is pure, if i had bad
thoughts about him id ask him personally if ask at all and give
advices instead of questions, but i really dare to ask cuz i have no
bad thoughts about him!

theres something in my mind that is hard to be putted in the right
shape for make it understandable, but give it a try... so i can see he
is smart and strange, i feel the similarity with myself, therefor im
interested and i wanted to protect and evolve his values as i think
that initial alienness didnt go for a pure 100%. as you can interpret
my bullshit in the wrong mindset with the wrong tone of voice when you
read my words, you (or anyone) can and actually sometimes visibly
misinterpret based on the wrong mental image. this stands for everyone
but mostly for alien guys... just like circus and cathedral for the
mental image of others' words. oppositions are the other great carrier
of the very same phenomena, and there should be no bad intention at
all and others will see snakes and frogs coming out from the other's
mouth whilst he have said blessings. i think this phenomena can appear
in him when he comes up with ideas and creations and getting a lotsa
oppositions for various reasons. i think he is totally bulletproof,
just as what dyngeccetor8 said, but i know by knowing myself that
bulletproof ppl carrying the most wounds just wont ever point their
eyes on the blood coming out cuz our view is fixed on much higher more
important stuffs (except when we are on the ground - and this is not
only for strong ppl but everyone, just others losing their target more
often and in those times everyone can see their wounds). i think he
also like to act, these 2 properties also made me to allow myself to
be a bit impolite, but still not feel being rude. talking about
ourselves and others on the list and out of the list appears
everywhere, just the way as ive been mentioned on other forums in
negative context for this, its not sterilized, even codes talks,
actually everything that been created talks, i know this well, i can
read from faces handwriting energyfields and a lot more ... but there
are much more on the list than codes, and life cant be left out just
can be a taboo as thats offtopic. it happens all around but cant
terminate easily without spotlight and it have its effect on ppl one
by one and as a community. i dont wanna mess much with going back and
edit a previous point, but a continuation comes from the point of
talking about effects. so know better his aims would make the things
smoother as ive said earlier. [intermezzo again: for sure only if he
would like to tell, but everyone is writing about him or me. its not a
topic for everyone to collect opinions about him! its a topic for him
if he is accepting it, however actually he had still no words here,
but all this could go much better if he were the 2nd who gave voice
here, this way its about me that i have to protect myself before we
would know his point at all, and it have been thrown on me and became
a topic dedicated to myself.... right, i need more power for my 3rd
eye to achieve more prediction] so the effect of misunderstanding his
aim or dont know at all makes oppositions, not in the bad meaning, can
be a flood of questions, can be advice, or can be anything wrong as
well, but the difference is only the mood of the responder that he
wont know and can misinterpret and no1 is bulletproof but can only be
a great fighter and these can give more or less pain/rocks on one's
path or demotivation or wounds or loss of time cuz continuous
explanations or whatever, more or less something bad. that harms
creativity. in case of a clear vision there will be less opposition,
more creativity, and as well more compliment as oppositions closing
out each other form the minds of people in general, hopefully we are
geeks and our mind is more sharp to give both. and dont forget about
support, no1 can lead or give the right advice without know the
other's aim.

btw did i just completely misinterpret the past and he got no
oppositions, redirections, and most important a single spark of bad
feeling in anyone that could left a bit of trace in your behavior?

i dindt throw onto him nor onto anyone else a single rotten tomato/egg
or rock or blame, but i got some during the time from here and from
other places with my pure soul and intentions and i took my bitter
medicines always after refining it to make the poison become a
medicine and threw out the actual medicine included as i didnt miss
that part.

please dont response before him, when he will accept or decline my
original respectful challenge, you are free to say anything for him or
me as well as i already accepted a challenge when 1st time i wrote cuz
my pure intention in my eyes im bulletproof. after he appears it will
be closed (or dedicated for me :D ) or become something beneficial for
him and the community and will make deeper cohesion, respect,
understanding and less general noise, and this way beneficial for lua
without a single line of code

i think no harm happened, cheers for Soni and everyone else around! :)