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hi all :)

>>   -spc (Have you tried programming in Lisp? [1])
back in time when ive searched for the best fund for all my future
work, racket lang got the 2nd place :)

i can see some kinda inquisition against Soni, i can even understand
it but he has a smart and helpful side as well next to his weird
random stuffs... however he is not a bad guy, but im sure that we have
no idea about what he wanna achieve...

i think the best would be to understand his general aims and then we
will be able to suggest him anything at all. i dont know if he is just
testing the limits or wanna make a different kinda swiss army knife
from an another one

Soni, have you had any experiences with other languages that you wanna
bring here? what youve used before and what youve found during using
lua? what features made you decide to go with lua? what do you miss?
what do you wanna achieve in small (tools) and in big (apps)?

if you just experimenting around and sharing your findings, then point
on that and others will be able to take what you give as what you
wanted it to be. if you wanna make a "Soni land" toolkit for feelin
good when you are doing your business for those stuffs that you are
doing for yourself and can finish up alone then theres nothing against
it. if you have an idea of a new language then the best would be to
fork whatever you want and make a clean work instead of wiring
everything from here to there, but even then experimenting with kinda
monkeypatching and sharing experiments are right. if you have an idea
of an app, then most likely the best is to use as few weirdness as
possible, as then the result will do what you want, and the best is to
optimize for a comfortable final state than comfortable way up to that
point, however necessary tools are necessary. if you wanna make
something complex for the public,possibly something you cant make
alone, then the best is to keep everything with the least possible
magic included.

ps: i hope i will be able to follow up in real time the upcoming
messages :D (however i wrote out from myself what was inside)

written for keeping the inner peace of the lua community :)