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On 2/27/16, Pierre Chapuis <> wrote:
>> On Sat, Feb 27, 2016 at 5:08 PM, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo
>> <> wrote:
>> However, most OS X users are just as addicted to pretty GUIs as their
>> Windows counterparts. One of the Lua Cocoa bindings would be a good
>> thing to bundle.
> I was thinking the same thing. More precisely: it would be
> even nicer to bundle a self-contained version of IUP.
> Sadly, I don't think the state of IUP on Mac is that good
> as of now. The documentation has been talking about an ongoing
> Mac port that would not require an X11 server for a while but
> from the outside it does not look like it is really moving
> forward.
> If it did exist I would definitely have a use case for it and
> this bundling tool :)

You are correct. IUP hasn’t moved anywhere. So I started my own port.
(Cocoa branch)

It’s not usable for anything real yet, but I have basic
implementations for many of the base widgets. Proper
sizing+positioning is the next thing that needs to be done and might
actually make it usable.

There’s much to do, so I really could use help. I have been doing
Cocoa since the PowerPC days so I think this can really happen. (I was
also a contributor to LuaObjCBridge and the author of LuaCocoa.)
But I’m stretched thin with a bunch of hard projects, so progress is
slower than I’d like.

I also see the Mac port as the pre-cursor to an iOS port, since there
are similarities. And when talking about an iOS port, I’d like to also
talk about an Android port and mobile considerations in general. So if
anybody has time/interest/skill in helping, I would like to work with
you. (Or maybe funding...I might be able to hire people.)