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On 27-Feb-16 12:04, Pierre Chapuis wrote:
Or you could just package the interpreter, the application and necessary
libraries in a way that your users can use. For Windows, it can be as
simple as bundling it with Lua Binaries [1] and adding a 2 lines BAT file.
You don't even have to compile anything.

That's what I was doing some years ago, when there was a single universal Windows runtime (MSVCRT.DLL) and most libraries were available as precompiled DLLs. I may be wrong her, (not having been able to use Lua for paid work in the latest years, but getting drop-in precompiled libraries does not currently seem to be that easy.

Besides, distributing the interpreter and the libraries together with each and every Lua program does not strike me as the best solution for all cases.

If you ask your Windows users to install Python, my experience is that
they will run away too.

Not very reassuring :-)
My users don't seem to be running away, though. To illustrate the point, just recently I had trouble akin to a Lua library installation with a Python library that was awkward to install on Windows (numpy). In the end, I had the user install another Python interpreter (Anaconda) that had both numpy included and a package manager to easily get the other required libraries.

I be would very glad for a solution to the problem "to run this Lua script, you just have to...".