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> I have the perception that >90% of the rocks available on the primary
> repository provide modules and <10% provide applications, and the
> suspicion that 10% is a very generous estimate.
> Yet I find it hard to believe that 90% of the time of a typical Lua
> programmer is spent in developing tools and 10% in developing
> applications.

I just don't get it. Applications are used by users and modules are
used by developers. If a user wants to install an application on his
server or PC, he will look for a Windows installer, or a package for
his target linux distro, or even get a tarball, expand it in some
directory and run it from there.

An application _user_ is not going to care about the language(s) the
application is written in and go to some language-specific tool to
install it (how good the tool is).

So it doesn't come as a surprise -- or a problem -- that there are few
applications on Luarocks, and that many of these are actually tools
for developpers.