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On 15/03/2014 19.38, steve donovan wrote:
Heh, I can hear the C++ guys spluttering already.  Stroustrup said
that Java was much more like Smalltalk than C++ really.

This always puzzled me because they seem to be universes apart. Try sending a message to an unrelated object in Java :-) I think of Objective-C as Smalltalk in modern clothes, just like Lua can be seen as a heir of Scheme.

> And the Modern C++ people are really into generic everything, Inheritance
Considered Harmful, and all that.  One reason I prefer C is that the
C++ community has far too many opinions.  I guess one needs a Style
guide, or a Health and Safety guide, when dealing with a such a
flexible bandsaw.

There is a point where the cost of language bureaucracy and complexity tends to overcame the advantages, especially if you try to follow 'best practices of the year' (i.e. academic fashion).

I greatly prefer lean languages like C and Lua because I get a higher return from investment and my brain is free to think about the problems of my application.
(btw, I too used to be a C++ enthusiast, ages ago; now I am just a C++ user)