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2014-03-15 11:14 GMT+02:00 steve donovan <>:

> It's very true that a higher-level C++ API will be safer. E.g. this is
> the kind of scheme any half-competent C++ programmer could organize in
> an hour or so:
> LState state(L);
> LRef strfind(L,"string.find");
> int i1,i2;
> strfind.push();
> state << "hello dolly" << "dolly";
> state >> i1 >> i2;
> where the familiar iostream pattern is now overloaded to mean pushing
> and popping stack values.

Seven lines of code take "an hour or so". I thought that was intentionally
humorous, but it actually seems to be the going rate for C++.

Lua has spoilt me ...