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On 10 February 2014 10:11, Thijs Schreijer <> wrote:
>> > Did a quick check and the rock has a very weird format (the archive file).
>> I get to the source files in the archive using this path:
>> > \tekui-1.05-1.src.rock\tekui-1.05.tgz\\www\loona\tekui\htdocs\releases
>> > \tekui-1.05.tgz\tekui-1.05\
>> >
>> > Note the double backslash! There is a folder in the archive without a
>> name...
>> >
>> > Maybe something went wrong when packing the rock?
>> Or rather with packing the archive. This is a path on my server that made it
>> into the archive from Mercurial's archive function. I have now changed the
>> packaging routine and exchanged the archive. (For testing, the issue should
>> persist with the older archives.)
>> - Timm
> Now the rockspec has a bad MD5 (which makes sense), and after removing that it complains it cannot find the 'tekui-1.05' directory in the archive.
> The download now has the path: tekui-1.05.gz\tekui-1.05.tgz\tekui-1.05\
> Not exactly sure, but luarocks handles .tar.gz fine, maybe it doesn't recognize .tgz ...

Looks like it is having trouble with the .tgz extension on Windows
only (unpack_archive in luarocks/fs/win32/tools.lua) — it is using
7zip to gunzip and untar in two passes, but apparently that doesn't

-- Hisham