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I'm pleased to announce the availability of tekUI 1.05:

 - - homepage
 - - sourcecode repository

Short: tekUI is a GUI toolkit (not a binding) written in Lua and C. It
is available for Unix-like operating systems such as Linux and FreeBSD.
Display drivers are available for X11, DirectFB, Windows, and a raw
framebuffer. The Windows version is rudimentary.

Changes: Lua 5.2 and LuaJIT support, improved text input, clipboard,
selections, Unicode/metadata strings, PNG support, better font support,
VNC option, color gradients, transparency, more options and new
examples for communication with the host. A text editor is included.

tekUI is mainly targeted to small and embedded systems, but it can be
used on the desktop as well. GUIs can be written in Lua, as nested
expressions, or XML. The XML launcher can validate against the actual
implementation. tekUI has a CSS engine for styling and themes.

The raw framebuffer display driver operates in a chunk of memory and
has VNC server support, so a GUI can have a remote option, run headless
or, by plugging in another display driver, additionally on a local
display. Also, this driver has basic alpha channel support.

New classes can be written in Lua and C interchangeably, so they can
inherit from each other regardless of the language they are written in.
This makes it possible to prototype applications quickly, and, should
the need arise, to rewrite performance-critical classes in C.

Your feedback is welcome. Enjoy,

Timm S. Mueller <>
Schulze & Mueller GbR, Jungstr. 2, 10247 Berlin,
Gesellschafter: Franciska Schulze, Timm S. Mueller,
Tel. +49 30 85610000,