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> On 26.11.2013 09:21, Sean Conner wrote:
>>   And we get back to my problem---I have a Lua UUID module [1] (right
>> now
>> called 'org.conman.uuid') that supports more UUID types than just type 4
>> (it
>> supports types 1, 3, 4, and 5---check out RFC-4122 for details).  I'd
>> like
>> to make it available.  What are my options?  I can't call it 'uuid'
>> because
>> that's taken (at least twice).
> Hello,
> here is my proposal - hopefully solving most of your issues, and
> creating another ones ;)
> I think that the "official API" should be decoupled from "conrete
> implementations", so the user could choose between "community preferred"
> module or his own preference.
> I have just commited the description and sample code to github here:

I thought about something like this, which is why there
is a reference to Java interfaces in my slide notes.

I think it is too complicated for Lua and does not solve
Sean's problem entirely because he wants a *new* interface.

In the best of worlds we would have *one* UUID module that
implements all of them. Otherwise there are lots of solutions.
As I said earlier, Python has 100x more modules than us,
Ruby has 200x more modules than us, and they both have a flat
module namespace.

So you can call your module what you want. Someone in Python
called his "pyuuid" (there is a uuid in the standard library),
another "snowflake". In Ruby there are "uuid", "uuidtools",