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On Mon, 25 Nov 2013 08:47:51 +0800
Michael Richter <> wrote:

> On 25 November 2013 07:45, Sean Conner <> wrote:
> >   What about organizational prefixes don't you (that is, Pierre, not
> > don't like about such prefixes?
> I'm neither Pierre or Dirk, but I can tell you what I don't like about
> them: organizations change.

Same thing, Michael explained the issue really well.

But also, more "philosophically", this is Open Source.
A module theoretically should *not* belong to a person
or an organization, it should be the result of collaboration
between people of different organizations.

for closed-source code in your organization, it would make
sense though.

> And as I see it, any other system
> that is proposed will have to necessarily
> require a centralized authority to
> assign namespaces to prevent collisions.

If we adopt the convention I was proposing that the name
of the package in LuaRocks should be the top-level thing
we require, we already have that centralized authority :)

Pierre Chapuis