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It was thus said that the Great Dirk Laurie once stated:
> 2013/11/23 Pierre Chapuis <>:
> > My slides are online on
> >
> > with updated Perl numbers.
> I've looked at them, especially the slide comparing the number of rocks to
> packages available for Ruby etc. And I say that if there are over 60000
> packages in an ecosystem, there might as well be none.  You'll never find
> the needle you need in such a haystack.

  I too, looked at the slides, and I'm curious about this:

	Not sure if [Mike Pall] proposes organizational prefixes a la Java. 
	If yes, I do not like the idea.

  What about organizational prefixes don't you (that is, Pierre, not Dirk)
don't like about such prefixes?  

  I picked an organizational prefix because I found it unique; that is,
there's less likelyhood of a conflict because I named my module
"".  The domain name system is already centralized, so I'm
leveraging that work with zero effort.  And as I see it, any other system
that is proposed will have to necessarily require a centralized authority to
assign namespaces to prevent collisions.

  Unless, of course, you decide to use randomly generated UUIDs as a module
prefix (I kid!  I kid!)